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Alex Bernhardt is the circuit bender and electronic improviser of Cryptwarbler. Since 2019, he has been exploring the limits of circuit-bent improvisation using a modified Casio MT-240 synthesizer. Using custom designed controllers to reroute and superimpose logic signals between normally isolated ROM pins, basic synth samples like 'Piano' and 'Flute' are transformed into a plethora of bizzare mutations. His music, often performed live, weaves a vast alien landscape on the teetering edge of chance as the threshold between two logic levels is carefully straddled. His experimental research in controlling aleatoric behavior from abnormal use of ROM led to a system of hybrid electrical-musical notation, which Alex uses to improvise with. His pieces are often negotiations between man and machine; he seeks to explore and develop an intruiging sound, but heeds to the synthesizer's electrical idiosyncrasies.