Cryptwarbler is Alex Bernhardt's circuit-bent Casio MT-240 project. The goal of the project is to explore the limits of circuit-bending. How far can one push the device and what kind of music can you make with it?

The main bend is a ROM-chip patch-bay and switchboard interface. By connecting normally isolated pins on the ROM chip, synthesis data is rerouted and superimposed, causing a wide variety of unusual sounds and bizarre effects.

Each combination of pins has a different effect, and it can change things such as timbre, adsr, pitch, tuning, scale, and will often change a few of them at once. For example, connecting 'A1' with 'D14' on the 'Vibraphone' tone will change the timbre from a Vibraphone to a ringing bell sound, and change the scale from chromatic to harmonic-series-esque, but only from C3-Ab4 on the keyboard. As a patch gets more complicated, the effects and its constraints change, so the path between effects and combinations can make for an interesting musical journey.